MCFAN Web Services

About Me

Professional Life

I'm a web developer based in Melbourne, Australia. I have been building websites since 1997, and at first it was just a hobby, then I started to see more and more people asking about getting their own website. So in 2011, I decided that I would set up a business so that the people I knew who were looking could get one done. I have a reseller account with MY host which enables me to host an unlimited amount of domains, with the only restrictions being; 1) Disk Space (storage of files), and 2) Bandwidth (amount of data transferred).

I did a number of courses at a community college before finally doing a Certificate II in Information Technology in 1998. I stopped studying for a while and travelled, until 2009, when I completed a Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking), then went back the next year and completed a Diploma in Information Technology (General). I love technology and seeing how far we (humans) can enhance and tweak things. Now computers (and technology in general) are my life.

I run my business out of my living room (literally), which cuts down on overheads so I can keep my prices reasonable. Where I differ from most other hosting companies, is that I engage with the customer and actually care about their needs. Because I run a one man crew, that means that you deal with ONE person throughout the whole process, however far you go. So when you call for any reason, you're getting me on the other end and not just some random person who has to access your account just to know who you are. And even then they don't really know you.

I can solve your web presence needs at an affordable price so that you can run your own business and not worry about the on-line side of things. Who has time to update their website? Me. That's MY business.

I'm not out to make a tonne of money, just enough to make life a little easier.

If you're wondering how to get started with a website, Read This Aritcle, which takes you through the process.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in contact with me. You can do that by visiting my Contact Page

Personal Life

When I'm not working (or surfing the web and researching something), you can usually find me driving somewhere. I love to go for drives because it gives me time to unwind, clear my head and gather my thoughts.

As a result of a boxing match in 1991, I suffered several strokes and was left disabled, and so my childhood dreams of becoming a fighter pilot were thrown out the window. My next choice; information technology. Just remember when you call, that I am disabled and that I talk a little slow, but if you have a little patience I'm easily understood.

I play competition basketball MOST Friday nights, and have been doing so since 1998. I play for an organisation, Power Assist, here in Melbourne, Australia, and I enjoy it very much. From basketball I met a coach of one of the other teams and we became good friends. He persuaded me to play football (Australian Rules) for his team in Williamstown. I have since become the Digital Content Manager for the football club and I'm on the committee.

If you're wondering why my business is called MCFAN Web Services, it's because I'm a HUGE fan of Mariah Carey, and my nickname is MCFAN.