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Please Note: Before you call me, just remember that I am disabled, and my speech "isn't the best". Most people can easily understand me, while others just need to be patient and listen carefully. While I may not SOUND like I don't know what's going on, I can assure you that I DO. Thanks in advance.

Please Also Note: I am located in Melbourne, Australia, so please be aware of the time difference if you are calling from a different timezone. Usually between the hours of 8am and 10pm are good times to call. I still may be in bed, but it's still a reasonable time.

For your convenience, I have included a clock with MY timezone so that you know what time it is here.


If you are calling from Australia: 0410 58 38 22
From anywhere else in the world: +61 410 58 38 22

In Australia all our mobile/cell phone numbers start with a zero, but when you are calling from overseas, you drop the zero and enter the country code at the start, which is +61.

I have made my phone number into links so that if you wanted to call from a mobile phone, or if you've got VoIP set up, you can just click these links.


If you're unsure which e-mail address to send to, send it to "General". Yes, these ARE links, I've just disguised them to slow spammers down.

General: info [at] mcfan [dot] net [dot] au

Billing: accounts [at] mcfan [dot] net [dot] au

Personal: matt [at] mcfan [dot] net [dot] au

Snail Mail

Use this method of contact to send cheques/checks, or if you don't mind the wait. If you are sending a cheque/check as a form of payment, please e-mail to let me know that you are sending it so I know to visit my P.O. Box to collect it.

P.O. Box 1066
Preston, Victoria
Australia 3072

Contact Form

So I know how to address you.
I only need your e-mail to contact you. I do not and would never give/sell your e-mail to a third party.

Please be as clear and direct as you can, which means no rambling or incoherent typing. Proper grammar is always a plus. I can't reply if I can't understand.