MCFAN Web Services

Terms & Conditions

I am 100% committed to providing quality services to you and as such, I will do everything in my power to make every client I have happy with their website and hosting. Whether I built it or not, if you're hosting with me it is my job to make you happy with your website.

My Service

The duration of my services is yearly. So if you choose (for argument's sake) a Bronze Package ($150) with a .com domain ($14.99), the total cost would be $AU164.99 for the entire FIRST year. The next year the cost of the domain is going to increase, which is out of my control, but I will do my best to bear as much of that increase as possible and include it in the hosting package.

It's quite simple... If you're happy, I'm happy!!! I stand by that.

Website Build

If for ANY reason you are not happy with the website I built for you, you can simply contact me at, and tell me how I can change it. If I CAN'T fix it to a point where you're happy, you will not have to pay a cent for that service. I don't send an invoice until you are happy with the website.

Editing and General Website Maintenence

Whether I built the website for you or not, I am still willing edit it for you once it has been built. I'm not easily offended, so I don't mind if someone else builds your site. I can also edit your website even if you don't host with me, I just need the login details for your site. If you're at all worried about handing over those credentials to me, please read my Privacy Policy to learn how I deal with personal information. Please only give me these details once we have discussed the situation and both you and I agree to it.

Domain Registration

The cost of a domain registration is something out of my control, therefore, you should think very carefully before locking in a domain name because I unfortunately cannot refund that cost. Even if you choose to ditch me as your web developer (trust me, I won't get offended), you will still be required to pay for the domain name.


Once you have paid for the FIRST year of hosting, you are allowed to change to a different package ONCE a year unless you are going UP to a different package. In that case, you are permitted multiple changes of package. You cannot change your package within the first 6 months of your order or renewal unless you NEED extra resources.

If you change to a different package, the last package that you changed to is what you will pay the NEXT year. So if you order a Bronze Package but change to a Silver Package during that first year, you will still pay for a Bronze Package that year, but will be charged for a Silver Package the next. Once you have paid for the Silver Package you are then able to go back down to Bronze which will be charged the NEXT year, unless you go back UP, in which case you will be charged for the highest package that you went up to.